Gregory Paley

Gregory Paley supports stakeholders, founders, and entrepreneurs of start-up and early stage companies as they strive to build great companies that make meaningful differences in the world. Gregory founded NewMedia Holdings and is a former Business Mentor at Seattle SCORE. Greg has a BA from Whitman College and JD from the Seattle University.


Although a native of California and on my way to USC, I instead decided to attend Whitman College which was at that time known for its sweet onions, asparagus and wheat rather than the world class wineries that dot the Walla Walla Valley landscape today. During my junior year at Whitman, I was selected as a Summer Law Clerk at Morrison & Forester and during that internship I decided to attend law school. After graduating Whitman, I stayed in the Pacific Northwest and attended law school at the University of Puget Sound which is now part of Seattle University.

One of the highlights of my law school studies (there were not many) was to spend a summer in London, England, where I attended King’s College and worked as a legal intern in London’s Financial District where I became fascinated with tax, business, securities, and international law.  Upon graduating from law school, I worked at Deloitte (formerly Touche Ross) in Los Angeles and KPMG in Seattle until accepting a position as a lawyer in private law practice.  For the next ten years, I served as a corporate and business attorney to entrepreneurs, early stage, and emerging companies on transactional, formation, dispute resolution, and commercial matters.

During this time I wrote and edited a 650-page comparative legal treatise entitled, “The International Recognition and Enforcement of Money Judgments“ (ISBN 1-56789-015-6) which was the first work of its kind to explore how to enforce money judgments in China and Taiwan, and had the honor of serving as the resident Special Legal Counsel for the Vice President of the Republic of Palau.

In the mid-1990’s I founded the predecessor of New Media Holdings, an interactive media and technology company that owns, manages and developed an online network of boutique B2B and B2C eCommerce and social media web sites. I bootstrapped the company before securing a funding commitment from outside investors (whose interests I later repurchased).  I opened the company’s overseas offices in New Zealand and China, and forged the key strategic relationships with domestic partners as well as correspondent offices in ten foreign countries. The Company is entering its sixteenth year of operations.

In 2013, I was asked to mentor and coach founders and entrepreneurs of start-up technology, Internet and eCommerce companies. On occasion, I can often be found at Seattle SCORE wearing a couple of hats including workshop leader and business mentor.  In a little more than two years, I mentored many hundreds start-ups, entrepreneurs and executives.  It was during those engagements that I decided to create a series of business workshops. The results of my work can be found on this site.

I am a native of Southern California and live in Seattle. I am the proud father of two Eagle Scouts (both whom have earned their Silver Palms) with one son proudly serving our country as a Cadet at USMA. My hobbies include hiking, running, and cycling where I previously enjoyed participating in ultra distance events. I am a trained adult leader and active in the Boy Scouts of America, and completed Wood Badge course number W1-609-12-2.