In this section you will find a partial collection of the workshops and training programs that I developed.  These materials may not be reproduced, adapted, disseminated, used, or redistributed for commercial purposes without our written consent.


In Fall, 2013, and mentoring and advising many hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives mostly in the technology, Internet, and eCommerce, I decided to develop specialized curriculum and workshops for executives, founders, and entrepreneurs.  My goal was to construct  frameworks that I had tested in my advisory roles so larger audiences could have access to some of the methodologies, ideas and leadership techniques that helped others translate their ideas into successful business and outcomes.

The results are leadership methodologies and practices that I bundled into workshops: Bend The Curve™, Minimum Viable Story™, How Good Is My Idea?™, Is Entrepreneurship Right for Me?™ and  Crowdfunding: What to Know Before Starting a Campaign . These workshops share my perspective on improving leadership and management techniques designed to empower and inspire each of us to become great leaders in our companies, organizations, workplaces, and communities.

Bend the Curve™: Faster and Smarter
This workshop new ideas for offers  executives, founders, and entrepreneurs seeking to  launch their idea, start their business or grow their footprints with greater velocity, efficiency, and scale. For more information about this workshop read our course description about how you can Bend the Curve™.

How Good is My Idea™?
This workshop features new methods of creating strategies to evaluate the merits of any business idea and quickly transitioning ideas from the concept stage into viable business models and actionable plans. We examine the techniques to assess the marketability and appeal of business ideas so they can be  tested and validated for their potential as viable commercial opportunities. For more information read our course outline.

Minimum Viable Story™?
Whether you are starting or growing a company, the success of any business requires that  management present a clear and compelling storyline. Read our course description to see how we can help you to craft and deliver an effective and compelling business story that will attract the attention of your team, the support of your backers, and the loyalty of your customers.

Crowdfunding: Ideas and Strategies Before Starting a Campaign™
We will show you how this new funding model has changed the way companies  start-up, operate and plan their growth and strategy. We examine the “ins and outs” of creating, managing and fulfilling a successful campaign, the suitability of the funding strategy, the techniques to develop a “best practices” approach to developing and managing crowdfunding campaigns. Click here to read more.

Is Entrepreneurship Right for Me™?
Are you thinking about starting your own business or becoming the founder of your own company?  How ready is your business idea for the marketplace? This workshop offers you an unique opportunity to assess your leadership and financial readiness. Before sailing into the uncharted waters of a start-up business, browse our course description and ask yourself if you can benefit from assessing your readiness to start your own business and whether the potential rewards are worth all the risks.

Time Management
If poor time management leaves you frustrated or is holding you back from getting the most out of work and life then this workshop is for you. Whether you own a business, are thinking about starting a new business or are in a position of management or similar responsibility within a company or organization, this workshop will help you learn and develop new habits so you can become more efficient, and lead a more balanced life.  Read about our workshop and course description.