Training: Is Entrepreneurship Right for Me?

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About this Workshop

This workshop varies in length between three and eight hours.  Presentation materials include a deck with 100+ slides.  Each attendee is provided with a workbook varying in length between 15-17 pages.

Is Entrepreneurship Right for Me?

Are you thinking about starting a business? Do you want to jump-start the process? If so, then this workshop offers you an opportunity to take immediate action and to decide whether entrepreneurship or small business ownership is right for you.

In this three-hour workshop you will get practical information and participate in group discussions that will teach you how to create a “success road map” before starting your business.

Topics covered:

• Turning an idea into a successful business
• Understanding entrepreneurship and business ownership
• Identifying your target customer
• Exploring factors influencing success
• Bend the Curve™ – Starting Faster and Smarter
• Finding information and resources
• The Heart Question™

We will also discuss:

• Why new businesses fail
• What are my roles as a business owner?
• Am I ready to start a business?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a business?
• How do I create action plans and checklists?
• Where do I start?

Included Materials
12 Assessments and Exercises
Heart Questions®
Bend The Curve™

Upon completion of this workshop you will be familiar with the many challenges of starting and owning your own business. You will learn how to implement strategies and set milestones to quickly understand the obstacles and potential and risks as well as rewards of entrepreneurship or going down the path of business ownership.

This is an interactive workshop. All attendees are encouraged to participate and to collaborate with others throughout the session. During this workshop you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other local entrepreneurs and business people.

This workshop was created by Gregory Paley who pioneered the development of Geo-Domains and the creation of online communities. He has more than 20 years experience as an adviser, author, founder, and commercial lawyer.  Since 2013, Mr. Paley has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs and early stage companies and frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

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