Training: Minimum Viable Story™

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About this Workshop

This workshop ranges in length from three to eight hours and includes electronic materials that are presented in a deck with a 100+ slides. Each attendee is provided with a 15-17 page workbook with exercises and assessments.

Minimum Viable Story

Every business has a story to tell and it doesn’t matter what stage the company is in:  Storytelling is an essential part of how a company defines it mission and intends to execute on its plan.  The story is an essential ingredient, a quiver for the idea and leadership needs to know how to deliver message and ideas with precision and clarity.  The techniques used to deliver your story can breathe life into a raw idea and transform it into compelling business opportunity.

Stories that are uninspiring and lack excitement causes targeted audiences to stray their attention away from the company’s message causing the loss of precious opportunities and any competitive advantage that may have once been capable of leveraging.  By knowing the elements of effective storytelling, founders can sharpens their message while creating genuine excitement around their idea.

Most entrepreneurs and founders pour their intellect, heart and energy into starting their business around a hunch yet repeat the mistake of neglecting to remain disciplined and committed to studying the art of formulating, honing, and communicating their idea.  They overlook the importance of learning how to explain the reasons why their idea is a standout and worthy of being that one in a thousand companies that secures funding from the professional investment community.

Only after a company has refined, practiced and perfected its message can it be ready to begin delivering a compelling and defensible storyline about its vision and the commercial prospects that may follow.  Presenting a sharp story shows that the company’s leadership has a clear path and is headed in the right direction. The team stands behind the mission and the story with confidence while the curiosity of investors is inspired to take a closer look.  Customers suddenly discover the value of your solution or product.  With this added layer of clarity, the idea becomes more credible and it can be driven forward with added sense of purpose and legitimacy.  Refining the message and sharpening the pitch is essential entrepreneurs are seeking to raise capital from outside sources, or grab the headlines and attention of customers and the marketplace.

The Minimum Viable Story provides the framework that brings clarity to a company’s overall purpose and mission.  It is THE starting point, a springboard for delivering the essential information required to present a credible business case and serve as the catalyst for opportunity.  A well-organized business case supported by the right cast members will mean the difference between stepping through doors that open opportunity or running the risk being shut out from having a clear path out of the starting gate.  The story can create meaningful opportunity by starting the journey of building a successful company.

Topics covered include:

  • Preparing your pitch
  • Developing a proven strategy for developing your story
  • Learning how to deliver a compelling story about your product, service, or idea
  • Understanding the nine elements of every pitch
  • Creating a road map to help guide your preparation
  • Crafting your company’s Minimum Viable Story™
  • Bend the Curve™ to tell your story with greater clarity and interest

Outline: Minimum Viable Story™

Story Elements
Presenting My Idea
Bend the Curve™
The Heart Question®
Case Study

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have learned techniques to tell their stories with clarity and precision. They will be ready to write a successful pitch or what elements need to be added so their business case can be evaluated solidly on its merits.

This is an interactive workshop and all attendees are encouraged to participate and to collaborate in group discussions and breakout sessions. You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other entrepreneurs and business owners.

This workshop was created by Greg Paley led the development of Geo-Domains and the creation of online communities. He has more than 20 years experience as an executive, adviser, commercial lawyer, and mentor. Since 2013, Greg has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and early stage companies and frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

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