Training: Time Management

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About this Workshop

This workshop ranges in length from three to eight hours and includes electronic materials that are presented in a deck with a 100+ slides. Each attendee is provided with a 15-17 page workbook with exercises and assessments.

Time Management  For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Bend the Curve™

The term “time management” is not an oxymoron and this is not just another workshop that attempts to teach how to juggle time or squeeze more activities into an already full day.  We already know that time is a precious commodity and what we need are workable frameworks for feeling better organized, more fulfilled and less stressed.

I created this workshop based upon my collection of “best practices” and perspectives as a corporate lawyer, and observing hundreds of CEO’s and start-ups and founders.  My day used to be measured in six minute increments and in my role as Founder and CEO I was constantly looking for innovative ways and ideas of balancing the demands of work, family, leisure and growing my business.  What follows is my efforts to codify a set of best practices and strategies that you can use at work and at home

In this workshop you will learn techniques to get and to stay organized.  Each participant will be provided with multiple opportunities to examine their “typical day” and craft their own plans with the goal of  becoming more efficient, happier and fulfilled.

Outline: Time Management
Terms, Themes, and Attitudes
Building Blocks of Time
Making Better Use of What We Have (and Don’t Have)
Strategies and Techniques
Better Practices
Creating Something New
Summary and Resources

Included Materials
6 Assessments
Exercises, Tools and Assessments
Heart Questions®
Pie of Life™

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants have learned new techniques for managing their time, starting or growing their business and creating a framework for achieving their goals with greater clarity, focus and fulfillment.

This is an interactive workshop and all attendees are encouraged to participate and to collaborate with their fellow entrepreneurs. During this workshop you will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other local entrepreneurs and business people.

This workshop was created by Greg Paley led the development of Geo-Domains and the creation of online communities. He has more than 20 years experience as an executive, adviser, commercial lawyer, and mentor. Greg has counseled hundreds of entrepreneurs and early stage companies and frequently speaks on entrepreneurship, business, and leadership.

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